So that you can evaluate if our service is the one that your organization needs, we have prepared the following summary of the characteristics of our current clients and the problems they were facing when they hired us:

  1. All our clients have the following in common:
    a) They are mainly service providers.
    b) They have not found applications in the market that fit to them and solve their unique administrative and management problems
    c) They do not have IT developers within their company
    d) They have 5 or more employees
  2. In addition, they were facing at least one of the following situations:
    a) They had some areas with isolated systems and other areas without systems or with Excel spreadsheets or Google.
    b) Great part of their paperwork of their organizations was not yet computerized or automated.
    c) As their organization was not goods trade but a service company, they could not find a system that fully adapts to what they needed.
    d) They knew they needed some business process automation, but also advice on how to be more efficient and faster taking advantage of administrative automation.
    e) They knew that they had several areas of their business that needed to be computerized, but they wanted to advance at their own pace.
    f) They needed a dashboard to keep under control their critical variables.
    g) They had too many Excel spreadsheets
    h) They were non-profit organizations, with a lot of administrative work
    i) They had implemented ISO 9001, 45001 or 14001 and it took a lot of time and work to keep it updated.

If you consider that your organization is like the ones in item 1 in all of it and, at least, is in one of the situations from item 2, then we would be interested in telling you more in depth how we can collaborate with your organization.

On the contrary, we are NOT a good choice if:

  • Your activity is mainly commercial (that is, buy and sell business) or if,
  • There are on hand several options for computer systems or applications on the market for companies like yours that you can buy or rent, or if
  • You have an internal IT or development team, or if
  • You do not have any administrative complexity.

If you are still not sure if we can help you or not, please contact us.